13th April 2012

Buttercup Magic… OOOH! A FREEBIE!

As some of you will know, I received a wee stash (HOORAY!) of my new book, Buttercup Magic: A Mystery for Megan, (HOORAY!) a couple of weeks ago, from my lovely Publisher, Piccadilly Press (HOORAY!) … okay, enough of that!  It IS exciting though, and I never quite know when my books are going to drop through the door.  It is always a writing highlight for me and makes me fill up and grin stupidly for the rest of the day.

Anyway… Buttercup Magic (aimed at 6-9 years) is officially out on 26th April, the same day as my launch which is taking place at Clay Cross Library, Clay Cross in Derbyshire (see here for details:  Buttercup Launch Poster April 2012 ) This is a bit different for me.  Last October, I launched Grub’s Pups (third in the Ruby and Grub series) at Waterstone’s in Chesterfield (see pics here.)  It was scary, but I met some lovely people – 3 fellow tweeps attended – and the ceiling didn’t fall in on me and I didn’t say anything too ridiculous.  This time, I have decided to do a library launch to celebrate the occasion, with a couple of classes of local school children, but which will be open to the public for book signings from 3.30-4.30. I’ve been planning it for the last few days.  It’s been kind of strange getting out of the ‘Ruby and Grub’ mode (which I’ve been in for the last two years) and getting into the ‘Buttercup Magic’ mode.  It’s all good though!  I am, officially, excited!

For those of you who don’t know, Buttercup Magic: A Mystery for Megan, is about a little girl, Megan, who moves with her parents to the beautiful Buttercup House, with its garden that goes on for miles.  She makes friends with the little girl, Freya, next door, and soon comes to learn that Buttercup House is a very magical place.  She gets to meet some extraordinary mice, a very mysterious black cat, and the beautiful golden dog, Buttercup.  It’s a book about friendship, mystery and magic, and using your imaginations.

Now let’s move on to the main OOH! A FREEBIE purpose of this post… I am doing a book give away from my wee stash.  So, if you would like a FREE SIGNED COPY… did you catch that?  A FREE SIGNED COPY of BUTTERCUP MAGIC: A MYSTERY FOR MEGAN, please leave a comment below, of some description… in fact, take this opportunity to leave a completely random, nonsensical one, if you please.  I’ll put names in a hat… or mug… or something, and get my dort (or the hound) to pick a name at random.  I’ll then contact the winner for details of who you’d like the book dedicating to, address details etc… etc… blah de blah de!  Results will be announced in a special blog post next Thursday, 19th April.

In the meantime, happy commenting and Good Luck!!!


37 responses to “13th April 2012

  1. Oh how exciting! Congratulations and best of luck with the launch. Sorry I can’t get over there but please do put my name in the mug of destiny!

  2. Abi, I’d love a copy, but I feel a bit of a fraud as I no longer have little people in my life. The little people in my house are now as big as their parents and as the household is more or less dominated by dyslexia we are not great readers (double fraud!). My best efforts for the kids when they were younger was to read them the hobbit and the entire Narnia Chronicles at bedtime (no mean feat – but not all at the same bedtime you understand).

    By coincidence I have my ‘book event’ at my local Waterstones today. So thanks for the advice you gave me.

  3. Congrats! Sounds like a fun book! Please count me in on the contest if you’re taking entries across the pond. No worries if not, but I’m looking forward to reading your book in any case. 🙂

  4. Thanks Jenny! Yes, I’ve never done a Mug Of Destiny before, so it’s exciting stuff! Dort is very excited about picking the winner (providing she gets there before the hound!) Thanks for posting the link again.

  5. Please add my name, Abi – I will read it myself and then pass it on to my niece who will give Buttercup Magic a very good home. Good luck with the launch! x

  6. Hurrah for Buttercup Magic and the Mug of Destiny! Count me in please. :o) Love your colourful blog post, too, and SO excited that you’re launching the book at Clay Cross library! x

  7. Oooh fab! You will go in to the Mug Of Destiny… Mwahahahaha! Thanks Em, felt like doing a bright and chipper one! Yes, excited about the launch!!! Just have to finish planning it now!

  8. Hmm, now what can I put in this comment to make the hand of random destiny pick me. Well I’ll tell you that if I win, I’ll give up chocolate for a whole week 🙂 (or I’ll try to 🙂 )

  9. Wehey! Purely on the basis that you are the first person to attempt randomness, you should win Martin! Alas, it is all down to the Mug Of Destiny… Thanks ever so… Oh, and if you DO win, you can send my all your chocolate! 😀

  10. Congrats Abi! I just know it’s bound to be a beautiful book and story, and will no doubt have a few surprises in it.

    OK, so I wasn’t going to leave a comment, as like some others, I feel like a bit of a cheat as I don’t have kids. However I AM a kid, and I would love that book. I tried writing a nonsensical comment but its nonsensicalness bothered me, so your getting this instead. I can’t start to not make sense until I’ve had more coffee 😉

    Mmmm… it’s cosy in this Cup Of Destiny! xx

  11. Is the Mug of Destiny like the Goblet of Fire…? ‘Cos I ain’t fightin’ no dragon, lady!
    Congratulations, Abi and the best of luck – not that you’ll need it.

    • Just like it Nettie, but no dragon… you will be battling against the likes of Emma Pass and Dean Harkness though… could be a scary business. Thanks ever so xxx

  12. Please add my name. Although I confess I’m not a child but I love reading kids books – they’re great!

  13. Please please pick me
    From the mug of destiny
    Says my little voice
    Pick me, – if you have a choice xx
    Have a wonderful book launch Abi, can’t wait to read your book, I know I will love it!!

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