14th March 2014

The Jitters!

I am currently very close, very very close, to submitting, so I have the jitters. I always get the jitters at such times, and the jitters lead me to procrastinate and stick my proverbial head in the proverbial sand. So I have been sitting on my final alterations to the first three chapters of my children’s book for over a week *sigh*. I even have my synopsis and letters all sorted. In fact, I should really be working on the final edits now. Instead, I am writing this. And during the last week, instead of just cracking on with those edits, I have… planted bulbs in the garden,
garden 4 4.3.14

taken photos of weird stuff (like this bee hive found in my robin nesting box),
old bee hive in robin box 2 9.3.14

finished a jigsaw puzzle,
Completed jigsaw

had a birthday and cuddled my birthday tiger, Heathcliffe (a lot!)

and read Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Graveyard Book’. I have also been over at Author Allsorts, where I have blogged about the writing process from idea to notebook to laptop. You can read that post here.

While doing all of the above, I have been able to partially ignore the jitters, which is good as the jitters make me feel… well, just too blooming jittery! However, now is the time to face the little blighters. So, I am going to hoist my head up out of the sand, shake the grains out of my ears, give my nose a good blow and get on with it… well, maybe I’ll just wash up first.

Does submitting give you the jitters?


4 responses to “14th March 2014

  1. I can relate on the art front. I have a small painting for an exhibit/competition that I’ve been putting off because of the jitters. Today I need to push through the fear!

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