24th January 2015


The Walk

The Walk

I don’t normally go in for a lot of marketing/publicity stuff, but today I am!

I shall be offering a free, limited edition (1 of 50) A3 print to one of my Facebook page followers once I have reached 200 likes. I am 64 away from this at the moment and it would be fabulous to get to 200!

If you don’t already follow my page (and thank you muchly if you already do), I tend to post 2 or 3 times a week on either writing or art related stuff. Quite often I post pictures of my paintings in progress, which people seem to like, wondering how they are going to turn out (I often wonder that too!)

All the prints on offer are in my Etsy shop (at the usual price of £14.99 plus postage) so you can hop on over here to have a look.

So, if you don’t already follow my Facebook page, please drop by here and LIKE my page. As soon as I reach 200 followers a name will be randomly picked from the page’s followers to receive the free print of your choice.

See you soon!


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