30th September 2016

The other side of Summer

It’s been a busy Summer and it’s nice to come out the other side and reflect on the events that have influenced my artwork and small steps that I’ve made, and to stand back and look at what has gone well. It’s easy to get caught up sometimes in day to day life (especially given that I have two other jobs) and forget to look take stock of things and recognise subtle changes .

One thing in particular happened over the Summer that has influenced my artwork – a trip to The National Gallery in London, hugged by wall to wall oil paintings, and the purchase of a very wonderful book about Frida Kahlo – led to an idea, and a shift away from my usual quite naïve style in acrylics (usually inspired by nature) to something else – a portrait – a link in a chain set off by this wonderful artist, who, until recently, I knew little about. Here’s a snippet of the portrait which I am doing in water-based oils:

I’ve begun a further oil painting inspired by a Facebook friend, an adapted portrait, again, very different to my usual style, and have also recently dug out my old oil pastels, hidden away since my Art A’level many moons ago, and have just completed this mixed media painting, ‘Into the Blue’, using pastels and oil paints:

The oil pastels were a challenge and a half and I really wasn’t happy with what I’d produced until I started adding in the oil paint and managed to get some finer lines and detail. It very nearly ended up being cried on and chucked in the bin at one point! ‘Into the Blue’ is now for sale so please contact me via the Contact tab of my website for more details.

I’ve done lots of other arty bits and bobs over the Summer – I had a painting in an exhibition in July at Studio 61 near Matlock, run by Karina Goodman, as part of her ‘Over the Rainbow’ exhibition. I will be having another, ‘Hare Today’  in her November exhibition, ‘Meadows & Moors’ – this one is raising money for The Wildlife Trusts. 25% of money raised from sales goes to charity so PLEASE pop in. Exhibitions are held every month and Karina’s own work is also displayed, along with cards and prints. I also have a new stockist for my greeting cards and have sold an original acrylic painting, ‘The Opening’ – this has wended its way ‘across the pond’ and is with its lovely new owner in the USA (greeting cards and gicle prints of this are available):

I’ve also managed to get three new Christmas card designs completed and have a new art leaflet – much more comprehensive, with details of commissions too:

Autumn will see me working away at the aforementioned oil paintings, and hopefully, if I get some commissions, those too!

Have a fab Autumn! xx









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